I use a cheap desk, a pretty good chair, and a budget monitor.


I split my time between two laptops.


  • Razor Deathadder V2 - Current

    Recently switched to this after my MX Master thumb button started acting up and loosening/tightening the daughter board wasn't cutting it anymore.

  • Logitech MX Master 2

    Great productivity mouse, I love the ergonomics and programmability.

  • Logitech Trackman

    I actually love the form factor and really prefer it style to the M570, unfortunately wireless alternatives are way more expensive than I'm willing to drop on a temporary mouse.

  • Logitech M570

    I use this if I end up having wrist pain and I don't want to deal with wires.


  • HHKB Profesional 2 Type-S

    It's really expensive for what it is, but I really like it. Sorry, I'm a Topre apologist.

  • WASD VP3 61 Key MX Green

    MX Green was maybe not the best decision. It's loud as hell and is a repetative strain issue waiting to happen. Kinda still like it though.

  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic

    I break this out if I'm having pains where I shouldn't have pains. It's okay, someday I'd like something similar with mechanical switches.


I have a heirarchy of editor choices.

  • Neovim

    Officially switched from Vim to Neovim. It's just better in every way.

  • Visual Studio Code (with a Vim plugin)

    If I need something that I don't have/would be a pain to setup in Vim, I'll switch to VSCode.

    Example: TypeScript, C#, basically anything with an abundance of user defined static types.

  • Visual Studio 20XX (with a Vim plugin)

    Visual Studio Code has better C# suppoer than it has in the past, but is till can't match big papa VS.

Command Lines


  • iTerm2

    Personally, still the gold standard of MacOS terminal emulators.

  • Zsh

    I finally gave up Bash. I held out as long as I could.


  • st

    The more annoying it is to update my terminal config the less likely I am to do it. Theoretically, this means getting more things done.

  • Zsh

    I held out as long as I could. It's just convenient.


  • Windows Terminal - Current

    This is actually really useful for managing multiple command line contexts. Personally, I prefer it over other solutions like cmder.

  • PowerShell

    I mostly use this when I do anything in the CLI on Windows.

  • Windows Subsystem Linux

    Ubuntu flavor. I will typically use this when I need to do something in Node.

  • Hyper

    Mostly abandoned now that I have Windows Terminal.

Linux/*NIX and Window Managers

I'm trying to be better about distro hopping

  • Debian - Current

    It's fine. I switched to it for better .NET Core support out of the box.

  • Manjaro

    Ubuntu for Arch. I kind of miss the AUR and the rolling releases. May go back to it someday.

  • FreeBSD

    I haven't used it in a long time, but I'm tempted to go back to it.

  • i3

    It's the easiest tiling manager to get started with. Maybe someday I'll switch to XMonad, but why?


  • Fender Telecaster

    Arctic White from 2006, made in Mexico. I love this guitar. Truly a workhorse.

  • Takamine EG530C

    It has seen better days it was beat up when I traded a 2004 Silvertone SG Clone for it and I've only beat it up more.

  • Squire Affinity PJ Bass

    Most recent purchase. It certainly is a bass guitar. Honestly, I really like it for what it is.