Drew Knab, Goober

I'm Drew Knab, senior full-stack developer at directlink. I play trading card games competitively sometimes and make music even less. I live in Syracuse, NY. It's fine. Sometimes I stream on twitch.


Feb 02 2024

Musings on Audio

2023 was, by many metrics, my least musical year. Across the board the numbers are glaring. Fewest new artists, genres, scrobbles, and raw minutes. Once again dominated by Boards of Canada and Lana Del Rey. Historically those two groups have made up the bulk of my listening during my professional career. It's easy to put either one on and git a massive amount of work done. Even so, we're looking at historic lows even for BoC.

Jul 06 2020

Learning About Loaders and Generators in Fornax

Last time we had a brief introduction to Fornax (a static site generator written in F#). We went over a brief introduction of getting up and running as well as an overview of the files in a Fornax project. This time we're digging into a nuts and bolts by covering loaders and generators.