Drew Knab, Goober

I'm Drew Knab, senior full-stack developer at directlink. I play trading card games competitively sometimes and make music even less. I live in Syracuse, NY. It's fine. Sometimes I stream on twitch.


Jul 06 2020

Learning About Loaders and Generators in Fornax

Last time we had a brief introduction to Fornax (a static site generator written in F#). We went over a brief introduction of getting up and running as well as an overview of the files in a Fornax project. This time we're digging into a nuts and bolts by covering loaders and generators.

Jun 03 2020

The Basics of Fornax

Fornax is a static site generator written in F#. I think it's pretty neat. Fornax generates static sites through a pipeline of F# scripts called loaders that inject content into a global context that is then consumed by more F# scripts called generators that mold the content its final form. The workflow is decidedly hands-on with a distinct code first approach. This gives Fornax incredible flexibility.